Where to Find the Best Presale Codes

by Brandon

presale passwords

For a fan, finding the best presale codes could be the difference between watching Jay-Z from the front row at Madison Square Garden and squinting from the nosebleeds, looking through your binoculars.

For a ticket broker, the difference is greater still. Gaining access to the most exclusive presales can mean a missed opportunity for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Some of the most profitable days I’ve ever had as a ticket broker were those days when I bought and sold concert tickets before most fans even knew any tickets had been released. The essence of a ticket broker is knowing how to gain an edge over your competition (fans and other brokers), and mastering the art of the presale is one of those techniques.

The Best Source for Presale Codes

For over 5 years straight, the folks at WiseGuys have been providing fans and ticket brokers with the most accurate and popular presale passcodes available. I’ve tried several other free providers but none compare to WiseGuys who have been at the presale game since Day 1.

Visit their website and sign up for their All Access VIP Membership and you should be good to go. They’ve even got a ticket toolbar that you can install to stay up-to-date on the latest presales in realtime. Can’t ask for much more than that.

How to Pull the Best Presale Tickets

A lot of brokers are under the impression that presales guarantee that they will get their hands on the best seats in the house. After all, there is a limited pool of competing fans and brokers—getting the best seats should be a cakewalk, right?

Well, the truth is a bit more complicated than that.

For one, not all seats are released at the presale. If you show up on time, you might be rewarded with the best presale tickets available, but presale tickets may not always be quite as good as the regular onsale ticket selection. The reasons for this are plenty, but the primary reason is because the companies running the promotion (Citi, Amex, LiveNation, a radio station, etc.) may not have been granted access to premier tickets, so those tickets don’t reach the consumer until the general onsale.

Second, Ticketmaster has a habit of being, let’s say, “creative” with the truth. The Ticketmaster window may show you that all presale tickets have been snatched up within a few seconds of the presale date, but don’t believe everything you see. Ticketmaster has a nasty habit of withholding some of the best seats for 30, 45, 90, or more minutes after the scheduled time of release. I have pulled first row tickets at Madison Square Garden at 10:45 for a 10AM onsale. And if you run through the logic, it actually makes plenty of sense why they operate this way.

Your best shot at pulling the most valuable presale tickets is to not stop trying until at least 1 hour after tickets have been released. This gives you the very best chance at scoring the tickets you’re really looking for (not the ones Ticketmaster shows you a few minutes after the presale).

And trust me, the wait is well worth it.

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Sarboy March 16, 2014 at 10:58 am

Hi there,

Searching around, it seems like there is one other product on the market that competes with yours. That product is – “The Ticket Broker Guide”. I have four questions for you please:

1) How would you compare “The Ticket Broker Guide” to yours (Ticket Broker Blueprint)?

2) Do you provide presale passwords? Or simple provide the websites that provide the passwords. Then one would have to pay for the passwords on the third party site?

3) I see you provide phone support, but do you provide predictions on a regular basis to your members?

4) It seems like the “The Ticket Broker Guide” focuses more on Sporting events, whereas your product is geared towards Concerts? Would you say that is accurate?

Many thanks for your time


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